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La Grivoise Double

La Grivoise Double

As soon as you lay eyes on the Grivoise, you are hypnotized by the beer’s dark ruby color. Instinctively, your nostrils draw in an irresistible spicy aroma with touches of herbal liquor, berries and candy that will have you captivated. A complex combination of liquorice, cardamom and smoked chilli pepper conquer the palate and leave a caramelized finish. The warmth of the alcohol comes with every sip and tempts the taster to become more and more saucy.

Belgian Ale

2008 Mondial de la Bière de Montréal (Canada) Médaille d’Or, Concours MBière

Who it is for

Lovers of the normal Grivoise will be as equally delighted by this one. It’s a complex beer enjoyable to drink due to its spicy candy taste that everyone can appreciate.