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Typically veiled like North East IPAs, La JAM offers the tropical pineapple and peach aromas of the Amarillo and Azacca hops. On the palate, the exotic pineapple culminates in the quivering flesh of peach and passion fruit.

North East Session IPA
Who it is for

La JAM was named in honour of the past, present and future of the majestic St-Maurice River and the City of Shawinigan. La JAM represents the affiliation of the Tribal Fest and the Soirée des brasseurs, as well as the collaboration of the microbreweries Broadway and Trou du diable, and is a tribute to our dear river, which was long synonymous with hard work, but which now evokes leisure and vacation.
The acronym JAM stands for Joyce, Aldred and Melville, the three founders of Shawinigan Water & Power. “Jamdogs” were the logjams that log drivers and lumberjacks had to break with pike poles, axes and dynamite. A jamboree is an extreme sports event and a jam session is an improvised piece of music that brings together many musicians.
La JAM is all that, one sip at a time!