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MacTavish In Memoriam

MacTavish In Memoriam

Inspired by American Pale Ales, MacTavish releases scents of green hops, ancestral land and spice. Its palate sways between the sweet flavours of the malt and the tropical fruit of the New World hops, all of which stretch out to a wonderfully refreshing finish.

Pale ale américaine
473 ML
Amber, lightly veiled
Sweet malts and tropical fruits
Light caramel, pine and pink grapefruit
Slightly bitter and refreshing
Food pairings
Cheddar, pizzas, fires and fajitas
Operating temperature
3 to 5 ° C
Amertume (IBU)
Amarillo, Simcoe, Colombus, Centenial + 5 autres
Pale Malt Gambrinus, Malt Biscuit Dingemans, Crystal Malt 120L Bairds + 1 other
Creation date
15 October 2008

2021 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) Canada Winner – American-style Pale Ale

2019 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) Canada Winner – American-style Pale Ale

2018 Mondial de la Bière Europe (Paris) Médaille d’Or Concours MBière

2017 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) Canada’s Silver Medal – Pale Beer Pale Ale

2015 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) Canada’s Best Pale Ale

2014 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) World’s Best Pale Ale

2014 Mondial de la Bière de Montréal (Canada) Médaille de Bronze, Concours Grand Public

2013 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) The Americas Bronze Pale Ale

Did you know that

Born from an improvised blend of hops during a global shortage, the MacTavish was adapted over time. Traditional English Pale ale hopped in the American style, it was for a long time the TDD’s most brewed beer.

Old MacTavish was the Count of Echternach and Reikswart in Bicolline. Celebrated for his wisdom and valience, he passed away in 2008. May he rest in peace.”

Who it is for

Thirst-quenching and refreshing, this beer is the perfect daily reward. Whether you just finished mowing your lawn or are having an old friend over, paying a tribute to MacTavish is always appropriate.