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La Polock Swieze

La Polock Swieze

La Polock is a beer brewed in the unique tradition of Polish “Grodziskies”, the recipe of which was developed in collaboration by the Trou du diable and Birrificio Italiano, from Lugaro Marinone, Italy. For the occasion, 250 kg of malted wheat was smoked in the TDD’s smoker on the Lac Vert’s shores on a cold February day. This process resulted in a pale-blond, lightly veiled beer that gives off pleasant aromas of smoke. Its palate, light but extremely flavourful, expresses with great eloquence strong smoky notes.

Who it is for

Polock was the nickname given in the old days to Polish immigrants by French Canadians, while the term swieze means “fresh” in Polish. Those who love West Slavic languages and Polskie Ogorki pickles will particularly enjoy a nice draft of this smoky liquid.