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La P’tite Buteuse

La P’tite Buteuse

The petite Buteuse is a clear, unfiltered, hazy blond with fine bubbles. It offers a scent of lemon that stems from cold-brewed Cascade hops mixed with coriander and typical Belgian yeast candy aromas. It has a very refreshing citrus taste with crispy Pilsner malt flavours. The petite Buteuse is a dryer and livelier version of her big sister, which makes for a quality thirst-quenching beer.

Table Beer
Who it is for

Our good old, noble Father Buteux clearly foresaw the passion for his Buteuse beer. Under recommendation from a reputable apothecary, the then 20-something decided to write down a softer version of his elixir that would allow people to chug down a few pints without being intoxicated or passing out. This beer is intended for Buteuse lovers looking to wet their whistle.