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La Saison du Buck

La Saison du Buck

To celebrate Le Buck restaurant’s first anniversary, members of the Tdd and the Buck teams collaborated on the creation of this cloudy, wintergreen infused oat blond, in which has macerated sea buckthorn. The result: a complex nose featuring blackcurrant, tropical and greenery aromas. This blend made of 80% young Saison and 20% Bretteuse offers a pleasant acidity on the palate and a straightforward and lasting bitterness. These properties, combined with a very reasonable alcohol content, make it the perfect companion to quench your thirst during Buck Season!

Jubilee Saison
Who it is for

It was in this ancestral home that visionary young people, driven by their passion, joined forces. Reflective of the Jourdain’s piece that adorns it, the ascent was challenging, but in the end, the view was magnificent. We are pleased to share this jubilee beer with you, the Buck’s people and of all of those who venture in its woods.