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L’Herbe rouge

L’Herbe rouge

L’Herbe rouge is a red lager that is exclusively made of malted wheat and dry-hopped with Willamette Hops from Quebec.  Its ample body gives off notes of lightly-roasted malts that combine seamlessly with delicately herbaceous fragrances.  This moderately bitter beer offers rich grainy flavours on the palate, which give way to a round and generous finish.

Wheat Lager
Who it is for

“Anything that is neither colour, nor perfume nor music is childishness”, said Boris Vian. All you need here is a simple melody. Take a sip, listen to the sounds around you… Close your eyes and hum a tune; open your eyes, smile and repeat the experience until your pint is empty. If only someone had advised Wolf to do the same…