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Märzen St-Clair

Märzen St-Clair

The Märzen St-Clair is inspired by German saisons brewed in March and stockpiled in preparation for the Oktoberfest, which was necessary in the olden days when an edict prohibited any brewing activity during the summer due to the risk of fires. Made from 100% organic ingredients, it contains the right quantity of hops to support its highly malty character. The result: a dry beer with biscuit notes and a delicate hazelnut finish, all of which make it the perfect companion for a night of great thirst.

Märzen 100% Bio
Who it is for

A night when love was in the air, one of our brewers met a faithful woman who simply asked him to dance with her.  His head on her shoulder, he found himself closer to the stars. This romantic man was aching for love and whispered in her ear: “I want to kiss you, and then I want to love you”.  As sometimes happens on the day following a great love story, he simply left a note with the words “forget me” and went on his merry way to wash his vats before creating this ode to the great journey of life, which is sometimes marked by short nights that offer our hearts a respite from the desert.