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Patagonia Dunkel

Patagonia Dunkel

While Deborah Wood from BSG Canada was visiting the Shawinigan region, the Trou du diable’s flavour explorers took the opportunity to brew a German Dunkel featuring translucent reddish-brown highlights from bay to chestnut. The nose offers a breeze of caramel that evokes both adventure and the warmth of home. Made exclusively with malts from the Chilean area of Patagonia, including the “Perla Negra”, this alpine nectar gently pervades the palate, offering smooth caramel flavours with peaks of roasted malt.

Lager allemande
Who it is for

Explorers-at-heart who travel vicariously through National Geographic documentaries or slideshow nights with friends will find the euphoria of great heights and/or deep depths in this international blend. World travellers, always in search of adventure, who tirelessly post their expedition pictures on social media will rediscover the same lost comfort as when they finally put down their luggage on their motherland’s soil after a long journey at an all-inclusive.