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Psycho à Gogo

Psycho à Gogo

Dive head-first into this oasis of freshness and let yourself be carried away by its tropical, smooth and fruity flavours. The Psycho à Gogo IPA presents fruity flavours of pink guava and gets its smooth mouthfeel from oats. The journey begins with the very first scent. The fruit supports the Mosaic hop aromas and immerses you in a tropical dream. However, the trip truly begins with the first sip. The fruit will gently invade until the entire Amazon rainforest floods your mouth. Open your taste buds wide and float!

Guava Tropical IPA
Who it is for

Psycho à Gogo is designed for all of those who need a vacation or who are already vacationing. The name is inspired by the psychedelic music that plays continuously in the brewery as we strive to brew you this pure nectar.
Musical inspiration: Psycho by The Sonics.