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Saint-Maurice is a cloudy blond with a refreshing nose of green pepper and pear aromas that was brewed with 100% pilsner malt. Its palate offers a pleasant acidity and a straightforward, herbaceous and lasting bitterness. These properties, combined with a frankly elegant alcohol content, make it the perfect companion for long nights when thirst refuses to be vanquished.

Traditionnal Saison
Saison + Bretts
Who it is for

Maurice of Agaune, commander of a Roman legion, and his Coptic companions from Egypt, are said to have died in Valais because they refused to comply with the order of Caesar Maximian to execute all the Christians in the region. He was canonized by the Church on the 22th of September, 515. Since he is now the St-Patron, alpine hunters, Swiss guards, dyers and people with the gout all know the effect of a nice St-Maurice.