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Saison dans la maison

Saison dans la maison

This wonderful straw-coloured saison was first brewed with the Muskoka team in beautiful Cottage country at the beginning of summer 2016, and marked the 20th anniversary of the Ontarian brewery. The fruity, spicy aromas of the nose introduce a wave of flavours of the same nature, but of a greater intensity. The finish stretches out to notes of greenery and ends with a joyful blend of floral and spicy accents.

Guava Saison
Who it is for

Collaborations between brewers are always great opportunities to exchange our inspirations and knowledge, but also some good jokes around a few tasty pints. When Gary, with whom we have been maintaining friendly ties for many years, asked us to brew a beer together to mark their anniversary, we insisted on only one condition: they had to brew one with us also for your enjoyment, here in Shawinigan. So here it is, delivered to you!