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SMaSH Barbe Rouge

SMaSH Barbe Rouge

This opalescent blond beer, almost like a white, pours a long-lasting head that leaves Bruges lace patterns on the glass after every sip.  On the nose, its characteristic Belgian profile is supported by fresh green hop aromas intertwined with hints of strawberry and bubble gum.  Spicy, toasted bread and bitter hop flavours dominate the palate and give way to a rather dry, but round finish.  The long-lasting bitterness of Pilsner hops and herbaceous flavours confer on this beer a great freshness, which perfectly balances the body and the bubbles.

Who it is for

Scouring the seven seas can be challenging. The blazing sun, violent storms, food shortages and, above-all, the portages can exhaust for the most valiant of sailors. That’s why we’ve created this refreshing SMaSH which, according to apothecaries, can cure one’s thirst.