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SMaSH Hüll Melon

SMaSH Hüll Melon

This golden-straw-coloured Smash with jade highlights is entirely made of Vienna Malt and features a light veil. Its malty nose, subtly uplifted with aromas of honey and melon, brilliantly cloaks the bitterness to come. On the palate, the rich taste of this famous malt intertwines with the sustained presence of hops, which evokes sun drenched strawberries and ripe melons.

german lager|Lager allemande
Who it is for

The wonderful world of beer is vast, but it is often good to find yourself on familiar ground after strolling from one horizon to another. This beer, consisting of a single type of malt and a single strain of hop, recalls, with the striking effectiveness of a melon launched from the fourth floor, that the four basic ingredients of which beers are made can produce a result as complex as it is refreshing.