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Supernova is a fruity sour IPA (Interstellar Pale Ale). With its deep magenta hue veiling the light, this star catches the eye and does not go unnoticed with its pupil-dilating implosion of flavours. Resulting from a lactic souring process and a Vermont yeast fermentation, this celestial nectar was livened up with honeyberries, blueberries and raspberries, after which large amounts of hops were added to the blend, mainly through a dry hopping process. On the nose, we can first perceive raspberry aromas and the freshness of the hops, and then taste the exquisite balance between the acidity, the berries and the bitterness of the hops. Immerse yourself in deep quaffs while cranking the music and tell yourself that it is good for your Karma during the “nuits arc-en-ciel” and to control your ADHD. Cheers and Rock & Roll!

Fruity Sour IPA
Vermont Ale
Who it is for

Brewed in collaboration with the band Caravane to celebrate their third album, Supernova is an interstellar beer which aims to quench universal thirst. We recommend drinking it in good company, under the warm rays of the sun, well sheltered from any winter storm or while admiring the Milky Way. At a time of global crisis, there is nothing like a nice refreshing, supernatural beverage to gather the courage to create change.