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Suprême Opulence

Suprême Opulence

Suprême Opulence is the ultimate offering when it comes to Double IPAs. It is the quintessence of our brewers’ know-how. A liquid work of art! The nose is complex and intriguing. The peach and tangerine aromas blend with scents of coconut and pineapple, and a touch of oak. From the first sip, taste buds are invaded by a combination of smooth and tropical flavours and a hint of bitterness. For your greatest delight, notes of vanilla support the previously detected aromas and coat the palate.

Who it is for

This beer is designed for those keen to experience new sensations with their taste buds and who savour the present moment. Like a first kiss, dipping your lips into it will stop time for a moment, so you can contemplate the beauty of life and realize that life is good.