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Weizgripp Rauchweizen

Weizgripp Rauchweizen

This beer draws its origin in the old German town of Bamberg. It displays a golden, yellowish color and a cloudy body topped with a lingering head that clings endlessly to the glass. It offers a smoked ham scent accompanied by tangy fruit aromas. Both its smell and taste offer clear notes of pear with a hint of ripe bananas that blends with pepper and clove esters. This effervescent beer has both fruity and smoke tastes waltzing together in a struggle to lead the other in this Bavarian tango.

Who it is for

Soft, complex and refreshing. This version of the Weizgripp, made of 55% smoked malt, is gentle enough to allow everyone to enjoy its unusual taste. For those nostalgic of the Oktoberfest and summer fire camps, this nectar will surely delight their senses!