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Weizgripp Weissbier

Weizgripp Weissbier

Its name stems from the German words “weiss” and “bier” which mean “white” and “beer”. It is in the best tradition of this country that we offer you this non-filtered beer in order to preserve the good taste of German yeasts and the binding proteins of wheat. At the first sip, we are immediately charmed by a comforting smoothness that ends on a delicate note of acidity. Complex, fruity esters evoking aromas of banana and pear amongst other things, excites the taste buds all along.

Who it is for

It is a must-drink for any white beer lover. The fact that it is so mild and fruity despite its opacity makes it a good introduction beer to the word of beerophiles. The Weizgripp will put a spell on you!