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Annedd’ale is a nice unfiltered blond whose lingering resinous fragrance is best enjoyed in long drafts. The yeast used for its fermentation was recently sampled by the renown Lallemand society on the very foundations of Brasserie Jean Talon, the first brewery established in New France in 1668. Hence, this beer features a magical and timeless quality, both in historical and olfactory terms, which mingles perfectly and harmoniously with its 100% Quebecois malt. The addition of Tree of life shoots, also called balsam fir or Annedda in Native language, the same ones used to cure Jacques Cartier’s crew of scurvy, give to this spruce beer a quasi-mystical spirit. The North American hops added during both the cold and hot infusion processes, give it fruity notes which blend perfectly with the aromas of the famous conifer.

Historical experimental beer
Who it is for

This project, born of the spirit of the renowned Mario D’Eer’s and implemented with a contagious enthusiasm in ten breweries, is quite promising. Historians, curious scientists, epicureans and any lovers of soul-warming spruce beer will be pleased to taste our Annedd’ale version, as well as those of other participating breweries.