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Brassin #666

Brassin #666

As its name indicates, the Brassin 666 is the 666 brew that was made with the Willow Avenue brewing system. Created collaboratively by all the TDD’s brewers, this blend of red ale and 200 litres of Hérisson was aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels, after which it underwent a maceration process in a stainless vat with 100 kilos of blackcurrants and 1 kilo of coffee from La Petite brûlerie. The result: a sparkling ruby beer with a sharp nose of blackcurrant and roasted aromas and a palate that is a true contemporary dance for the taste buds and a technical and artistic expression of the combined effort of the TDD’s brewers.

Red Hell
Who it is for

We have a vague recollection of the moment when we asked ourselves what we would do for the pub’s 666th brew, during which we could probably have designed another 600 brews. A decade later, this creation brewed enthusiastically with the Number of the Beast, presented itself and is the fruit of common ideas that were assembled on the spur of the moment. Was it really the moment that inspired the creators of this beer? God only knows, but the Devil can guess…