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La Buteuse

La Buteuse

Amber beer with a rich, foamy head featuring champagne-like bubbles, which awaken aromas of sugar and exotic spices, complemented by the warmth of the alcohol and exhilarating sweet, malted fragrances.

Belgian tripel, Triple belge
600 ML
Golden, lightly veiled
Sweet, exotic spices
Alcohol warmth, spices and candied fruits
Bewitching, long
Food pairings
Blue cheeses, gorgonzola, margherita pizza, pesto, vanilla flavoured desserts, apples, maple, nuts
Operating temperature
4 to 6 ° C
Amertume (IBU)
Cascade, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Willamette, Tettnang
Pilsner Malt Weyermann, Malted Wheat Canada Maltage + 3 others
Belgian Ale
Creation date
13 July 2005

2020 European Beer Awards (Germany), Gold medal – Belgian Style Tripel

2019 World Beer Awards (UK) Canada Gold – Belgian Style Tripel

2018 World Beer Awards (UK) Canada Silver – Belgian Style Tripel

2017 Prix du public volet Bière (Canada) Médaille d’Argent

2015 European Beer Star (Germany) Médaille de Bronze, Belgian-Style Tripel

2015 World Beer Awards (UK) Canada – Belgian Style Strong Pale Ale – Gold Medal

2014 World Beer Awards (UK) The Americas Silver Belgian Style Strong Ale

2011 World Beer Awards (UK) World’s Best, Abbey/trappist pale ale

2010 World Beer Awards (UK) The Americas Best, Strong / Extra Special

Did you know that

In 1999, 6 years before the opening, André was already brewing this beer at home, which would later become one of the TDD’s signature products. Inspired by the Westmalle Triple, it distinguishes itself from Belgian beers in that it is less sweet and contains American hops, a Pilsner malt and malted wheat.

Dominus est, quod bonum est in oculis suisfaciat”

Father Buteux
Who it is for

If your heart needs to be warmed, you won’t be able to resist the Buteuse. It is above all intended for specialists and strong beer lovers. Belgian beer lovers won’t be able to get enough.  It is a beer meant for special occasions, tasting, and to perfectly accompany a good meal. This beer pays tribute Jesuite Jacques Buteux who was tragically sent down the Trou du Diable (Devil’s Hole), in the year 1652.