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La Frambizzle

La Frambizzle

La Frambizzle is a collaborative beer born of the recent, but very sincere, friendship between the Toronto brewery Bellwoods and the Trou du diable. Brewed at the Shawinigan pub during the 2013 Soirée des Brasseurs, this raspberry saison features a cloudy hue and has the look of grapefruit juice. Its nose clearly evokes raspberry aromas, with underlying subtle notes of lavender. The acidulous, dry and mineral palate suggests this beer will appease, rather than increase, one’s thirst.

fruit beer
Who it is for

There is a time of year when generous Mother Nature bestows upon us her bountiful offerings. Whiles bears gorge themselves in preparation for winter and farmers reap their harvests, the Trou du diable’s scientists are busy as bees. From their secret hideout beneath the waterfalls of Shawinigan, they send their giant robots, to their great delight, to harvest a gigantic amount of fruits. This beer is designed for the forever-young who have always dreamed of controlling Gigantor while eating toast spread with two inches of jam.