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L’Amère de glace

L’Amère de glace

L’Amère de Glace is a light and cloudy blond with greenish highlights and a nose from which emerge esters of white flesh fruits. Its palate, dry and crisp, makes a comforting malty bed on which spread noteworthy aromas of fruits previously heralded by the nose: pear, white grapefruit and pineapple. In the end, the finish covers it all with powerful and predominant herbaceous notes.

Pilsner IPA
Who it is for

Like its alpine homonym, l’Amère de Glace hides a myriad of mysteries. It combines the grace of a malty and refreshing pilsner with the skilful powers of American hops: Glacier, Galena and Warrior. It is specifically designed for ambivalent people, glaciologists and renowned mountaineers.