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Le Porteur

Le Porteur

Close your eyes, smell and taste: you’re now in England! In brewing this beer, we made no compromise in using 100% British ingredients! Its dense, mocha head decorates this dark beer with red-brown highlights. Aromas of cocoa, dark chocolate and toasted bread veil a caramel scent. In the mouth, the chocolate offers aromas of light toasted bitterness that give way in the finish to a slight acidity compensated by the sweetness of the caramel. Rich and long in the mouth, this porter beer stays soft and slightly hopped.

British Porter
Who it is for

In London of the early 1800’s, it was popular to mix old brown ale with new blond or red ale. Brewers at the time thought it would be good business to create an original beer that would recreate the trendy taste of this mix. The beer became an instant success, particularly with the porters of the London markets which led to name of the beer. Everyone who works hard during the day will be happy to chug down a good Porter. Stout lovers will surely have it as a mistress and the only modern porters left- the ones who canoe- will surely prefer it to Gatorade.