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Le Rythme des bourgeons

Le Rythme des bourgeons

Beer fermented with Pinot noir wild yeast coming from Domaine du Nival. Ripe stone fruits, hay and straw are sniffed in the sun, apple blossom and honey square. The sharp tastes of grapes and refreshing beer waltz into a textured, creamy but dry mouth topped by grapes, red apples and seeds.

Barrel aged saison fermented with Pinot noir wild yeast
Aging time
24 mois
750 ML
Barrel type
Brunello Tuscany Foeder
Yellow and bright
Ripe stone fruit, apple blossom, honey square, subtly woody
Natural wine, grapes, red apple and their seeds
Textured and creamy, but dry
Food pairings
Gravlax, fish tartares, fresh salad and light cheeses
Operating temperature
4 to 6 celcius
Pinot noir Wild yeast from Domaine du Nival
Creation date
3 July 2020
Did you know that

The alchemy takes root from the pinot noir grapes of Domaine Nival dripping at the bottom of a Brunello lightning bolt and covered with a saison. After eight seasons, the amalgam resulting from the natural fermentation of wild yeasts of the grapes, multiplied exponentially, is a cousin of natural wines.