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L’Époque opaque

L’Époque opaque

L’Époque opaque is a dark beer topped with a Belgian head. Strangely, its nose evokes childhood memories of tasting a “Coffee Crisp” for the first time. The palate confirms those strong notes of mocha and is then quickly filled with Japanese and Australian hop aromas, which induce in the end an exhilarating state of satisfaction in bitter beer lovers.

Black IPA
Who it is for

In 1919, a law prohibiting alcohol was passed in Quebec, to be repealed only a few weeks later. In the United States, it remained in effect for 14 long years. The 700 American breweries of the time closed down and were replaced by illegal bars, which served adulterated alcohol and were managed by the Mafia. After numerous protests, the law was struck down, but only about ten breweries survived and took over the market. This beer is designed for the festive members of the resistance and the pioneers who, like us, contribute to rebuilding what was lost during these dark times: the right to choose.