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Ma Jungle

Ma Jungle

Ma Jungle is a collaborative beer born of the close friendship between Martin Thibault from Coureurs des Boires and the Trou du diable, but also of the resolute intention of creating a beer with tropical lemonade flavours through a lactic fermentation process. This process resulted in a pale yellow, veiled beer with a nose of Asian pear and coconut freshened by a lemony breeze. The palate, short and free of bitterness, is a cocktail of tropical fruits whose persistent acidity and low alcohol content will surely convince the taster this is the ultimate thirst-quenching beer.

Who it is for

During gastronomic experiences, dishes commonly give off aromas that are absent on the palate once the tasting has begun. This beer was designed around this concept. Imagine a bowl of plain yogurt on which lays a tropical fruit salad. As you bring your nose closer to it, you’ll mainly catch the scent of the fruit. When taking a bite close to the edge of the bowl, you’ll taste the plain yogurt. Together, the two will harmonize well with each other even if their flavour profiles are completely different. We believe the same spectacular turn of events can happen in the world of beer. Colour: Veiled straw-yellow colour
Bitterness: Non-existent!
Dominating flavours: Yellow pear, coconut, citrus, plain yogurt.
Ingrédients dominants : Lactobacilles, flocons de riz, malt Pilsener, houblon Calypso
Sucres résiduels : 1,4 degrés Plato (bière sèche)
Acidité : pH de 3,7 (relevée, sans être de l’intensité d’un lambic traditionnel, par exemple)