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PunkRauch – Bourbon Barrel-Aged

PunkRauch – Bourbon Barrel-Aged

The PunkRauch is a smoked lager with mahogany reflects, hosted two months in a bourbon barrel. It offers scent of earthy hops on a background of wood and smoked ham. The taste, light and crusty, provides a short sensation of sweet malt quickly fought by resinous smokes that will reminds you gladness of campfires from your childhood.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Rauchbier
german lager
Who it is for

John Wright (Nomeansno, Hanson Brothers), respected for his contribution to punk rock music during the last three decades, is also a passionate amateur-brewer. After all these years on stage, here’s the opportunity for you to hold him in your hand. Total goombah! You can see here the whole show by the Hanson Brothers when they played at the brewery, probably one of the last show ever filmed after almost 40 years of carreer. Respect!