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SMaSH Sladek

SMaSH Sladek

SMaSH got its name from the English expression “single malt, single hop”. Hence, it is made of a single type of malt, in this case the Weyermann Pale Ale malt, and a single strain of hop, the Sladek, a crossbreed between Saaz and Northern Brewer. As a result, this beer with golden highlights offers a nose of cantaloupe and honey blossoms. The palate presents aromas of barley candy with hints of dried fruit which give way to a finish that stretches out to a moderate but persistent bitterness.  

Who it is for

When Roger Sladek, famous defence player of the Rocksbury Racailles, turned his back on Andrew Trudel, the goon of the Almaville-en-bas’ Crash-a-deer, he saw his life flash by, just like a boy hurtling down a hill in a tractor tire. The referee Chaumanet turned a blind eye to this fact and the game went on, which gave Tremblay the opportunity to make a pass to Bellerive, who then performed a slapshot which glanced off of Payette’s jockstrap and penetrated the goal. This is when the angry crowd booed, but the five companions afterwards offered a round of Smash, a beer that makes everything OK, and celebrations went on in the village.