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We could describe it as a brown beer, but if we take a closer look, we can see the ruby-red highlights that are sometimes overshadowed by the haze of a non-filtered beer. Its nose, dominated by the malty and caramelized sugar aromas, releases a fragrance of fruit similar to that of the blackcurrant or the cherry. Quickly taken by the impulse to sip on it, we are then surprised by its powerful palate upon which the feeling of alcohol is predominant. Flavours of butterscotch and candied fruit then quickly expand across the palate and give way to a full, generous and structured finish. For its part, the head lasts and sticks to the glass in between each sip.

Scotch Ale / wee heavy
Ale anglaise|English Ale
Who it is for

Warriors skilled with the claymore, men in kilts and lovers of strong, tasty beers. This beer formerly known as the “Claymore” is now called St-André, patron saint of Scotland, in honour of one of our brewers.