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Willow Gose de Noël

Willow Gose de Noël

Behind its salmon-pink hue hides an elixir with complex, balanced, and comforting flavours. On the nose, the sweet scents of pine, fir and cedar perfectly blend with the fruity aromas of cranberries and gingerbread. On the palate, the acidity is delicate, the cranberry is juicy and the cinnamon smooths out the flavours, all of which creates a balance which inspires you to have a drink with family and friends. This beer is our offering and will wonderfully accompany your best meat pies, venison pies and pork hock stew.

Who it is for

Lovers of traditional feasts, who take advantage of the holidays to have a second serving of dessert, especially grandma’s fruitcake, will find in this beverage all the comfort of home and phentex slippers. Those who take pleasure in wearing Christmas sweaters and who create play lists of this period of celebration’s classic songs will raise their glass with a wink and a little smile.