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La Grivoise

La Grivoise

Beneath its cloudy veil, the Grivoise hides a warm, orangey color. Served in a tulip glass, it has a persistent head that clings fervently to the glass creating an attractive lace of colour… No need to read the baptistery to know the origins of this beer: it features fruit and exotic spice esters typical to Belgian yeast. In the mouth, its sparkling effervescence tends to numb the tongue at first. Notes of apricot and clove then invade the palate. Like every good saucy story, it has dry and bitter finish….

Belgian Blonde
Belgian Ale
Who it is for

The Grivoise is an easy to approach beer for beginners or for the seasoned beer connoisseur. Those who like spicy beers or stories will drink it gluttonously.