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La Troïka

La Troïka

Result of a close collaboration between the Trou du diable and Brasserie Dunham, La Troïka is a hopped white IPA fermented with saison yeasts and an alcohol content that makes it easily classifiable as a “session beer”. It features an exuberant nose of resin, passion fruit and white grapefruit aromas. The palate is a blend of refreshing acidity and bitterness, all of which stretch out to a dramatic finish strangely reminiscent of a scoopful of hops in the mouth. Collaboration with Brasserie Dunham 

Highly Hopped White Session Saison
Saison + belge
Who it is for

This beer is designed for the most enthusiastic hop fans who refuse any alternatives that don’t pass the mettle of their doctrine. Those convinced they hold the truth and freshly converted sadomasochists will find satisfaction in this nectar.