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Nez de poivrot – Brassin spécial

Nez de poivrot – Brassin spécial

This maple syrup barley wine, aged in American Bourbon barrels, features a nose with rich notes of maple syrup and vanilla. Its warm and round palate expresses itself through the same smooth flavours, which give way to a long and persistent finish dominated by the bitterness and tannins released by the oak barrels in which it was aged.

Barley Wine
Who it is for

Those with a sweet tooth, maple pie lovers and any Maple Leafs and Jack Daniel’s fan will love Nez de poivrot. The same goes for maple syrup producers, for this recipe contains more than 20 litres of that heavenly syrup! But remember: it is better to bring your lips to a Nez de poivrot than to have one between both eyes.