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Volo 25e anniversaire – Brassin spécial

Volo 25e anniversaire – Brassin spécial

This is a skillful blend of which 40% is the issue of the best barrels of Buteuse Brassin Spécial, Dulcis Succubus and Bretteuse, another 40% of sour rye aged in Banyuls barrels, and 20% of young Saison beer. Its nose features aromas which flirt with Flanders red, carried by slightly acidic notes of cherry. The sharp, dry and slightly oxidized palate leaves a sweet and fruity taste on the tongue, which promptly gives way to a vinous finish reminiscent of great classical beers.

once in a lifetime special blend
Multiples + Levures sauvages
Who it is for

The Volo 25th anniversary is an offering that celebrates the Trou du diable’s admiration for this family of ambassadors and their enormous contribution to the world that brings them together. Alla salute!